My Faith Life Journal is the fun and engaging way to get your kids reading the Bible.
Caution – a regular Bible reading habit leads to a lasting faith in God!

My Faith Life Journal is a Bible-based journal for kids full of stories, hands-on activities and journal prompts to encourage children to read the Bible and grow a lasting faith in God.


My Faith Life Journal is filled with...


Stories kids will love

Over 150 pages of fun and engaging activities designed to... 
 Give your child a foundational knowledge of the Bible.
Encourage your child to have a
faith-based outlook on life and the world.
Help your child develop godly character.
Show your child that God has a good plan for their life and that the Bible is the starting place to find out what that plan is.
Lifeway Research Study
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Why My Faith Life journal?

A 2017 study conducted by Lifeway Research concluded that regularly reading the Bible as children was the strongest predictor of spiritual health in young adults. Young adults who read the Bible regularly as children were much more likely to continue on in their faith than those that did not. Bible reading was a stronger predictor than other factors including prayer and church-going.

This study shows the power that reading the Bible can have in a child’s life! My Faith Life Journal makes reading the Bible easy and fun helping kids to develop a life-long Bible reading habit.

Take a Peak Inside
Our Story

In 2018, My Faith Adventures introduced kids to A.J., Milo, Posey and SATTAR – also known as the Adventure Club! My Faith Adventures is loaded with Bible based devotions for kids and fun activities all designed to inspire kids to read the Bible.

The characters from the website have made the leap from the screen to the page and are now the stars of My Faith Life Journal.


Your kids will relate to the stories in the journal because A.J. & Milo are kids just like them! The website also acts as a companion to the journal to further encourage reading the Bible!

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